Page.Print.Post>Make a Book

Curated by Juana Meneses and Leila A. Leder Kremer
Opening & Reception: June 20th 2-4pm
On view June 20-November 14, 2015

The exhibition features works of Julia Arredondo, Marina Font & Amalia Caputo, Gamaliel Herrera, Angelica Londoño, Marie Marcano, Sandra March, Ania Moussawel, Markus Oberndorfer, Kerry Phillips, Ingrid Schindall, Evelyn Serrano and Louisa Van Leer and artists’ works from the Miami-Dade Public Library System Permanent Art Collection.

Page.Print.Post>Make a Book promotes the public library’s long tradition of fostering print, zine and maker culture. This engagement goes back to exhibitions such as Enter the Nighties where artists, writers and librarians were invited to trade zine publications with the Miami-Dade Library System. This not only highlighted the importance of the art publications but shed light on the activity of making and being a cultural producer. As culture has become more homogenous, handmade zine production and consumption turned into an antidote to that trend.

Page.Print.Post>Make a Book includes fanzines and unique publications that can be traded and have traces of the unique individuals that created them. This exhibition aims to foster appreciation and understanding for artists’ books as portable, intimate, democratic and self-contained works of art. Page.Print.Post>Make a Book features handmade books, object-books, sculptural books, installation books, photobooks, photozines, zines and serial editions; showcasing handmade objects and printed matter that has been mechanically produced as serialized publications.Page.Print.Post>Make a Book presents works of artists with connection to South Florida and works and artists books from the Miami-Dade Public Library System the Permanent Art Collection, creating a unique conversation about then and now, highlighting the current mini-renaissance of self-publishing going on today.

A variety of media and formats are explored to define the book format in unexpected ways. In the hopes to inspire and entice library visitors to produce zines and printed serialized works, resources will be available to the community in the form of a zine making station, as well as a workshop where these topics will be explored and expanded upon.

Main Dade Public Library System, Main Library
101 West Flagler Street, Miami FL
2nd Floor Exhibition