(Re) Production of the Tropics

EXILE Books Presents Portable Editions
TROPICAL RISO (Re) Production of the Tropics
Exhibition on view through April 30th

HistoryMiami, 101 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33130

During the early twentieth century, local landowners and developers launched advertising campaigns to attract inhabitants to South Florida. Their marketing materials coopted and eroticized our tropical landscape, mass-producing images of alluring beaches, exotic plants and animals, untamed landscapes with modern infrastructure, and sunshine itself for its ‘health-building’ qualities.

Reproductions were printed with effects similar to that of a Risograph machine: a cost efficient and environmentally-friendly printer that functions as a hybrid between screenprinting and a photocopier with soy-based inks, which creates unique prints with subtle variations. (Re) Production of the Tropics uses the risograph to re-appropriate this imagery preserved within HistoryMiami’s archive again in an effort to re-tell the story of our tropical metropolis today.


April 10th 12-3pm | Riso 101 workshop
As part of Portable Editions’ exhibition (Re) Production of the Tropics join us to re-appropriate and re-interpret imagery preserved within HistoryMiami’s archive in an effort to tell stories of our tropical metropolis today.

April 30th 12pm | Live Risograph printing during The Miami Zine Fair
Come out and learn how the Riso, a stencil duplicator, works and participate in our collaborative zine “Tropical Riso”.